Shining smile in the sky

Tribute BY Latifa Chentouf

Dear family and friends,

I would like to express my sincere condolences and pray for our dear Tola.She was so kind and compassionate.

Dear Tola was such a dedicated and professional nurse and supported me so many times.
May God give your family strength and patience in these challenging times.
I can only remember her with a shining smile on her face.
Her smile lives with me, and I am thankful for the beautiful gift that God gave me to have known her.

In honour and dedication of dear Tola,

With my warmest regards,


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My Best Friend Forever

Tribute BY Sumayyah Banaras

Tola was the most caring and thoughtful friend. She used to look after our daughter Aysha but created a loving friendship with our daughter Sumayyah. When she took some time off when breaking her leg, Sumayyah used to gove her a footstool and pillow so she could rest it whilst taking care of her sister. From that point Tola become Sumayyahs best friend for life and promised her she’ll be there for all her major events in her life. She’s misses her greatly. Our friend Tola.

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She was so beauty full

Tribute BY Baby

She called me “Baby”, we called her “mummy Junior”. She was an enigma to me as a child. As an adult, I got to know her as my father’s pal, my long lost aunty, and the woman I couldn’t wait to surprise when I made enough money to go to Europe.

Her raspy voice teased and taunted me all the time- I still hear it ringing in my head sometimes. She loved us well after our father, her husband’s cousin, passed. For a long time, she was the only genuine link we had to our dad’s family.

It’s my first time on this page as I have finally realized that this is real. I never gave her that hug, never served her for her goodness, never got to show her how much we were grateful for her presence in our lives.

Despite this huge loss, my aunty was and still remains beautiful.

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Sleep on Aunty !

Tribute BY oluseye Arikawe

Aunty Tola, It’s still like a dream!
I called your phone on that Friday and left a message not knowing that you have passed on to glory the day before.
Mum ( your aunti mi as you fondly call her ) cried and cried when she heard the news,, We take solace in the knowledge that you are resting in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ and we will meet again on the resurrection morning.
I miss you making fun of me and asking if I’m looking after your aunti mi. You were so full of life and I just can’t believe that you are gone!
Sleep on aunty Tola, we will meet again!

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Rest on beautiful soul

Tribute BY Bolanle O Banjoko

Who are we to question God….. A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven, I am honoured and blessed to have known you, rest on beautiful soul, mummy junior, Abiyamo……..

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You are missed sister Tola

Tribute BY Sixtus Okwudili Osigwe

You are a special lady with extra ordinary qualities that other people at heart and you concerned about others problem and willing to help in your capacity with all necessary information and always continue to chase for the outcome. I and my wife missed your sisterly love. God almighty knows why He allowed somebody like you to go this too soon and He will grant you eternal rest in His blossom and grant those you left behind the strength to bear this painful lost. Adieu Sister Tola.

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Hard to take in – my bestest friend. Very soft giant May your soul rest in peace

Tribute BY Grace Mike

This is hard to believe – it feels like a dream. my bestest friend. Very soft giant May your soul rest in peace

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Still in shock

Tribute BY Aitua Mercy Gentry

Words cannot express how much you meant to me, my gist partner, my confidant, my mentor. I am still in shock mummy junior. Your life was truly a blessing. Your memories are what we will treasure forever. Our love for you is immeasurable and you will be missed always.Sometimes, when I think of you tears still roll down from my eyes. It’s so hard to forget someone as beautiful hearted as you, and even though you are out of sight, you will never be out of mind. Miss you dearly

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You’ll be forever remain in our heart

Tribute BY Dr Peter Olajide Olaolorun

Precious In The Sight Of The Lord Is The Death Of His Saints. Psalm 116:15
You ran the race graciously and won, you were strong and highly determined, you were too good to lose, Your Legacy lives on. Dear, Sleep on, until we meet to part no more.
Your Husband,
Dr Olajide Olaolorun JP.

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Aunty To La

Tribute BY Ronke Ayodiran- Gidigbi

I met “Aunty To la ” (like we call her in my family) 1983. How we met is a along story but we both made a lasting impression on one another, which led to a close friendship between the two of us, despite the fact she was years older. She was the first person that ever took me to a born again christian fellowship, then at Oritamefa Baptist Church in Ibadan. The fellowship was organized by the medical christian students of UCH.
She is a very loving,and kind hearted person. She loved her job and as a young nurse in UCH, she was well known. Her compassionate care was amazing.
I just heard of her passing on to glory through her niece Dr Seye Arikawe, who is a close friend of mine.
I pray the Lord will comfort her family and friends. I pray the Lord keep and protect her children, in Jesus name.

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Good night God Bless beautiful lady

Tribute BY Gill Nedelcu

Don’t know you but I felt that I had to leave a tribute to you. I would like to say Thank you for everything you had done for the NHS. Condolences to her children and God Bless you all. Rest in Peace Eyitolami Olaolorun

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Eyitolami – Ore mi

Tribute BY Morolawun Emmanuel

Eyitolami! It’s been very difficult for me to believe that you have departed just like that! We still chatted middle of March, 1st of April you still read my monthly prayer message i sent to you so between 1st April – 14th, i was left in darkness, several messages, phone calls – No response, not knowing that something serious had happened! O ye Oluwa! But iba ma se iwo Ore mi? who are my to query Almighty God? My joy is that you are able to make peace with your Maker before it was too late, i can not forget my pleading in SON UCH when we were roommates for 3 years to give you life to Jesus! PTL! U eventually did! My consolation is that We shall meet one day not to part again!
RIP Ore mi! Thank God you were able to make it last summer for my Diamond Birthday, when last we saw, if i knew that will be d last we will see, i would had hugged you so passionately & take a lot of pictures 😄
You are a friend indeed! Sunre Ore mi
The God of all Comforts comfort your Adorable Children, families & friends!

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Beautiful woman with heart of gold

Tribute BY Francisca Faola

AuntyTola and I met at Kings College Hospital, London where we both had our nursing adaptation training in 2001.
You were a wonderful woman and very kind in heart, always cheerful and your words were always encouraging. You were very hardworking and cheerful in giving.
You couldn’t attend my 50th birthday a few years ago but deemed it necessary to send me a gift with apologies. I thought I would see you again at your child’s wedding but unfortunately death took you away from us!
You had been kind to people both known and unknown, the Almighty God will surely show mercy to your children and take them to greater heights you’d always wanted them to be IJN.
According to your children, you trained them all by yourself! You were indeed a great woman of virtue and I thank God for a life well spent.
May your soul rest in peace Aunty mi.

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Tribute from Young Women Christian Association, (YWCA)

Tribute BY Mrs Adesola Oluyomi FAKOLADE


It is with a heavy heart and submission to the will of God that we leant of the passing to glory of our beloved sister and member, Tola Ola-olorun.

Sister Tola was such a pleasant, ever-smiling and graceful personality. People close to her know she had a kind heart and a benevolent spirit. She was like a caring ‘mother’ to ministers of God and their families. She readily put smile on faces that crossed her path. No wonder she died in her service (as a Nurse) to humanity. She also had such a strong, admirable personality. She will really be missed.

When she was in Nigeria, she was a regular and active member of our Association – Young Women Christian Association (Y.W.C.A). Even after she left, she occasionally sent down her annual dues.

We shall all miss her. We shall miss her smiles, her intelligent contributions and her warm nature.
Continue to rest in the bosom of your Maker. Adieu!

Y.W.C.A. members,
Methodist Cathedral, Agbeni,
Ibadan. Nigeria

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Tribute BY Anonymous

Your dedication to our others before yourself is an inspiration to all, your a hero. I never met you but I can only ever thank god for people like you. I pray that God may comfort your family and friends during these difficult times.

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I am very sorry.

Tribute BY Thomas narramore

I’m incredibly sorry for you’re loss I’m sure she was a great mum. Just keep strong stay positive and keep you’re head up , it may seem impossible but I will benefit you. Once again I am very sorry for you’re loss and I hope you and you’re family are okay.

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You were a mother and one my biggest fans. I’m still not convinced that you’re gone. Rest in peace with the Lord

Tribute BY Nonnistics

I never had the opportunity to meet you in life but each time you chatted me, I felt I’ve known you for so long. You loved my work. You encouraged me with your kind words on WhatsApp and Instagram. You ordered my designs and sent me photos when you could. I’m in real shock! You were too kind a soul to leave us so suddenly! You smiled through life. May the angels receive you with smiles in heaven. I know your angelic robe will be perfect. Rest in peace Madam Eyitolami

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Till we meet again

Tribute BY Omotayo Makinde

A beautiful soul will never be forgotten.

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I will miss you 💔

Tribute BY Eyitejumade, Elijah, Emmery and Elizabeth

I am glad I spoke to you a few days before you went home to meet out Dad, but you promised me you’ll be okay!!!

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You are a beautiful christian with beautiful character and a good sense of humour. Rest in the most perfect peace.

Tribute BY Elizabeth Ademiluyi

You are a beautiful christian with beautiful character and a good sense of humour. Rest in the most perfect peace.

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Kind Hearted


Your word of encouragement will never be forgotten.
I can’t stop thinking of our discussion. You be miss

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Rest In Peace

Tribute BY Odi Odigie

Dear Mummy,
I remember how you fondly called me Senator. You were so full of life every time i had the opportunity to speak with you.

Hopefully in the near future I’ll make you proud by fulfilling the name you called me by The Special grace of God.

Even in death you are still loved and forever will be.
I am not saying goodbye forever but goodbye for now.
Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hands.
Missing you today and always.

Hon. Odi & Family.

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I miss you my sister

Tribute BY Babatunde Sogbesan


My sister, you mean so much to me. You were always there for everyone and you made all to feel like family. I will never forget all that you have done for me and my family.

You will be greatly missed.

‘Tunde Sogbesan

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Aunty T

Tribute BY Victoria Sogbesan

Hi aunty, so my brain and I are having a little game. It keeps me in my bubble of aunt T is somewhere out there living life, and I in turn to carry on functioning normally. It’s going okay, but sometimes reality sets in and I can’t stomach it, so I think I’ll stay here for a bit.
Because you weren’t just some aunty who they’ll say, come and greet your aunty lagbaja o who used to clean your bum bum when you were 1 month old. And although we didn’t have a relationship for most of my childhood, I am glad I really got to know you as my aunt.
You were the aunt I fought most with ( not physically, we don’t do that over here 😂),you were the aunt I gisted the most with, the aunt who took me under her wing and probably the aunt I stressed out the most because you really do care.
Even with all our loggerhead-ing I can honestly say
YOU, aunty was there when no one else was.
YOU aunty, stuck around to see my family through difficult times
YOU aunty, put our matter on your head
YOU aunty were always ready to help despite your feelings.
I know I laughed and teased saying, ” ah you haven’t seen dramatic until you’ve met my aunty Tola”.
But I will miss you, my hardworking, driven, caring, loving, ever so dramatic aunty.
I can’t imagine, walking down the streets of Ealing, walking up into your room and not seeing you there ” ewa gbe cousin yin o”.
Eyitolami Olaolorun, you ARE one of a kind and I thank God for pulling you into his warm embrace.
Rest easy Aunty T❤️

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Forever In Our Hearts

Tribute BY Moyosoreoluwa Odukoya

The first time my sister and I interacted with Aunty Tola… Well the first time I can vividly remember was April 2016 although she visited us in 2008 when she came to Nigeria.

We went to stay at her place in London with my parents and she gave up her room and her bed for my sister and I to sleep in. That same night, even though we hadn’t interacted for more than five minutes, she called out my name to fetch her something from the fridge. And just like that the ‘formalities’ were over, we were her children and like every true African parent, she sent us on errands throughout our stay. Haha!!

Aunty Tola was constantly giving and nothing was out of bounds or too expensive, especially if you were her family. She had been sending my sisters and I really nice things for as long as I can remember … all four of us.

I was sad to hear of your passing, you always seemed so full of life and never in a million years would I ever think that I would be writing a tribute for you.

I remember when you found out that I started a business and how you supported it fiercely with everything that you had – your time, your finances, and your advice. I remember how you sent me a brand new mixer from London to aid in my business.

She held nothing back in her love and her arms were always wide open. We believe Jesus received her the same way, with arms wide open.

We’ve been told by our mom and cousin, Dami, that Tobi looks a lot like you when you were younger… 😊

Rest in peace aunty, you will remain forever in our hearts.

Your nieces,
Moyosoreoluwa Odukoya
Oluwatobiloba Odukoya

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A very strong woman

Tribute BY Gift & Maxwell


Of all the many blessings however great and small, to have known you was a privilege. You were beautiful (inside and outside), warm, charming (with your smile) and very loving. Remembering you is so easy mummy, because we could always see your selfless nature in everything that you did, we saw it every time we had the opportunity to speak with you or even see you and of course, we see it in your children.

Very few of the people around us leave significant impacts in our lives, and for us you are one of those. Personally, i will miss our chats in Yoruba, I will miss your prayers and well wishes for me. According to Gods plan, you never saw the children you always prayed with me for, but we promise we will train them up to have these virtues which we saw in you.

It was unbelievable when we got the call that morning that you had passed. I froze for a second as I remembered our last conversation less than 3 weeks earlier. it is still like a dream, but just like everything in life, when the journey ends, we will claim a great reward and find everlasting peace together with the Lord.

Fare thee well mummy. You left a legacy that will be read through generations, current and to come. You have left an indelible mark in our hearts that nothing can/will EVER erase.

And surely our love for you will forever remain.

Gift & Maxwell

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Rest on mummy

Tribute BY Jumoke Raji

Its more than a week now since you left this world. Continue to rest on mummy

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We miss you

Tribute BY Rt. Rev’d Dr. C.O. and Mrs. Sola Adagbada.

Our first contact and cross paths happened over three decades ago. Ever since then she had played roles of big sister till the end. Mummy Junior, as we used to call her, was a humorous lady who used to produce smiles into people’s faces and love to make life comfortable for others. She made positive impacts on many persons. You were a silent achiever of good things. A very hard working woman who put her trust wholly in the LORD God, even on the sick bed she still have faith, hope and believe that Jesus Christ would restore her with perfect sound health. For example, on 1st April, 2020 in her response to my prayers sent to her through WhatsApp she replied and type “ Amin Jesu, No Bishop sister has ever died prematurely……”, which shows she held on to the LORD even at such critical moment.
She came, saw, fought and conquered. A jewel has gone to be with her creator.
Rest in peace till the resurrection day.

Rt. Rev’d Dr. C.O. and Mrs. Sola Adagbada.

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Tola, our UN Secretary General

Tribute BY Harley Street Nurses

We had our very own UN Secretary General in our midst – Mama Tola, you are truly special and we’re already missing that great commanding voice of yours.

You laughed when we gave you the UN Secretary General title, as you knew it was very apt – you did indeed uphold the values of Harley Street Nurses, even at the risk of challenging us in the office and members of the team. For that we thank you!

You held conferences, oversaw disagreements, managed your own delegation at the hospitals and even in our office. I remember you telling us, that before each shift, you would go and say hello to all the other HSN members. You were truly the Mama of our extended family.

Mama Tola, as you were also so fondly known by us, you will be solely missed for every inch of your personality and grace.

The memories you’ve left will continuously bring smiles to our faces.

We have been blessed to have known a special one! You usually ended a call by saying, “I love youuuuu” … Ditto back at you. We love youuuuu more Tola!

Always and forever
Joyce, Tina, Benedicta, Delia, Eleanor, Noora and Chistine x

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A loving mother

Tribute BY Areoye Pauline Omua

What a shocking news! A sweet mother to the core. To late, may your gentle soul find eternal rest.
From Pauline Areoye.

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A Pure Inspiration

Tribute BY Isaac Sogbesan

Mum has always been a pure inspiration to me, disciplined, honest, principled, and direct. She showed with her lifestyle how to help without question, seeing the good in people, and having faith in them.
I really do miss you

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Daughter of Zion. 💪🏾

Tribute BY Vivian Odonkor

I Called you “My Darling “ and with a smile on your beautiful Young looking Face you respond Saying “Vivian you don’t have respect Who is your Darling “. 😥 God knows this LOST is heavy for my HEART. My Mother, my Teacher, My defender 😊My gossip partner, I’m glad to have been a part of your BEAUTIFUL life. Will always have you in my heart. Rest Well EyiTolaMi 💋

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Will miss you ❤

Tribute BY Jola Williams

Mummy, you will surely be missed because you touched so many people lives with your words, smile and you’re loving heart.

I am so grateful to have known you because you were a blessing in my life. You inspired me so much that no matter we face in life, we always have God.

Will miss your WhatsApp messages, always ginger me when I put a picture up and checking on me.

It’s sad that you are not here, but God knows best. Rest in perfect peace Ma 💔🙏🏽🕊❤

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You’ve fought the good fight

Tribute BY Sibongile Madi

I salute you my sister,dying is not a bad thing after all we’re not come here to stay forever,life’s a journey,you’ve finished yours,you’ve kept faith now there’s in store for you a crown of righteousness which the Lord will award you,Your children have been blessed to have a mother like you, thank you for fighting for me at work not so long ago when you saw something like an injustice/unfair treatment,I’m grateful to have come across your path,you were truly a blessing

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Tribute BY Arinade Lawal Olagun

When we reconnected back after 40 years of leaving high school, I was so full of thanks to Almighty God for sparing our lives to meet again, not knowing that it will only last for 3 years. It was a great shock to me to hear that Tola had gone.
I cried like a baby, wishing at the same time for someone to come back that there’s been a mistake. But alas! It is true. Tola is gone from us, to rest. You can never have enough of her. I was looking forward to spending some time with her in London this year, but I’ve been robbed of my childhood friend. We cannot question God, but we take solace in the fact that she’s gone to rest in the bossom of the Lord and in John 11:26.
So, my friend, Eyitolami, sleep well till we meet to part no more.
It’s me your friend
Arinade Lawal Olagun
St Mary’s Iwo 77 set.

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Forever In Our Hearts

Tribute BY Ayo & Dayo Banjoko

We still can’t believe we’re writing a tribute in honour of dear Aunty Tola. Words fail us in describing the shock and sadness we felt (and still feel) on receiving the news of her untimely demise.

Aunty Tola was a very good person. A most wonderful human being. Always willing to lend a helping hand, even when not convenient for her. No wonder she had numerous friends, “nieces” and “nephews” interspersed all over the world.

We’re grateful for knowing someone like Mummy Junior as she touched our lives positively, both individually and as a couple over the period of about 32 years we interacted.

Aunty Tola, we were so looking forward to June and September this year to celebrate with you two important events in your life, but death dealt us a bad hand. Your death is so painful to us, but who are we to question God? He knows best.

We’ll close this tribute with 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14 which says “But we do not want you to be ignorant, brothers, about those who have died, so that you may not grieve like other people who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so through Jesus God will bring those who have died with him.” (NIV)

With heavy hearts and tears in our eyes, Aunty Tola, we bid you farewell till we meet again at the feet of our Lord Jesus.

Fondly missed,


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Tribute BY Bernice

Mrs Olaolorun, your demise was such a shock to me. Thank you so much for your patronage of my meat pies.
Rest in perfect peace.

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One of a kind

Tribute BY Mavali

Strong and wise, a force to be reckoned with, it is hard to imagine that you are not here anymore. You could be tough or soft dependent on what the person needed, an amazing gift. For those who needed extra care you were extra kind and gentle. An exceptional nurse and a caring friend. Giver of best hugs.Thank you for everything Tola, I miss you x

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May her soul rest in pace,

Tribute BY Olabisi oladiti

May her soul continue 2 rest in peace

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Touched by an Angel

Tribute BY Anton Asagba

I was blessed to meet you for the first time a few months ago. Our conversation was so organic, we spoke about anything and everything that anyone who would have seen us talking would think we knew each other for years. Your experience through life and about life inspired me and reminded me of my mother’s experiences, your words of advice were so pure and honest that they immediately resonated with me. I can still see your face as you smiled and waved good bye soon to see again at your daughter Dami’s wedding. I thank God I met you before you departed this world, may your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.

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To a passing angel

Tribute BY Alaba Aluko

you are a woman of wit,a purposeful lady,a woman who will rather stands on her feet not minding whose ox was gored,yet,you are also one with a very large heart.

To simply put,your kind is rare,i was still gisting my friend about your sternly attributes the week i heard of your shocking transition,little did i know you have been taken away from us.

This little space can’t admit all i have to say about you,but be assured you positively made your imprint in my life.
“ Omoga ese gun”(Lol)is what you always call me owing to my height,and we would both laugh it off,in summary all you care mostly about was how you could touch lives in your modest way possible,and, that I’m very sure,you will mostly be remembered for,as one who came and made her indelible mark in the sands of time,adieu my loving big aunty.

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Iku Doro!

Tribute BY Olayinka Desalu Pirisola

Iku doro! Death couldn’t allow us express how much you meant to my family! We came in contact with you in April, 1997, when we got an apartment in your house on 41, Oladoyinbo street, Felele straight end. Ever since, Mummy Junior, aunty Told, Mummy! has been like a mother to me. Should I talk about how you stood by me during our first daughter’s delivery, Toni. You virtually carried me to your then factory on Delete straight end, monitored d progress of d labour before taking me to d Hospital where I delivered d baby girl. Through thick and thin you were always there! I love you courage, you were brave, you were a goal- getter! Thank you, Mummy for giving yourself out, always willing and ready to help! Olubowale, Yinka and d three daughters love you, dearly. I had planned to see you at Damilola’s wedding but God knows best. I know you are resting in His unfailing arms, which will keep you till we meet on d resurrection morning. Hmm! every of our plans to sit at our daughters weddings are no longer going to be. E se ma, e ku it e ku itoju mi, oko mi ati awon omo wa. Hide, Oyintanta, Dimeji and Damisukusuku! will never lack help, wherever, IJN. Sleep well, my beautiful, amiable, courageous, reliable mother of all. Av not come to terms that you are gone! Farewell Mummy, adieu Mummy Junior, o Daro, aunty Tola mi.Olubowale and Yinka Pirisola

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Lives on Mom🕊🕊🕊

Tribute BY Yinka Odusote

Still can’t believed you’re gone💔, how I wish you can wake up so I can tell you how much I love you and appreciate you😥.. You’re such a beautiful soul, vibrant and hardworking Mother. You always have a solutions to people’s needs. It’s really hard to believe 😥😭. Sleep on Mom🕊

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Rest In Peace ❤️

Tribute BY Hiwot A.

I was scared to meet you at first. This was a little short of a year ago, when Tolu was born. After speaking to you a few times I realized that there was nothing to be afraid of. You were so sweet, open, and welcoming. You would always call. The interaction between you and Tolu was just the cutest to watch, although some days he wouldn’t cooperate. I looked forward for all of us to meet. I just know Tolu would’ve loved you. Your legacy is truly inspirational, and your impact on others is what we need more of in this world. Thanks for leaving your print, glad I’ve gotten to witness it. Rest In Peace ❤️

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Rest On Ma’am💔

Tribute BY Bukola Adeojo

Oh my goodness… death took you frm us ,it’s so sad we had plans but who are we to question God ? I will forever miss you mummy Junior but I knw you are resting on the lord’s hand ,may your gentle soul rest in a perfect peace of the Lord 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Rest on ma.

Tribute BY Ruth B Esho

Eventhough we met briefly, it however had a positive lasting impact.
Rest on in God Blossom ma. You will be greatly missed.

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Tribute BY Eyitope Odukoya

I can’t believe I’m supposed to write a tribute at your death and not on your 60th.

I choose to celebrate you sister mi, Eyitolami.

I celebrate your doggedness, your resolve, your strength, your generosity, your drive, passion and push.

Very resourceful, very family oriented, always striving to connect people. A true Egba woman, you were an activist, never overlooking a supposed injustice or unfairness. You were bold, fearless, always ready to confront any issue headlong.

You were always now! now!! now!!!, as if you knew… See, it paid off…you gave all your children qualitative education and attention and they are all securely settled in their different profession. You did it sister mi; God helped you!

Akinkanju obirin(Amazon), abiyamo tooto (worthy mother), you can rest easy now.

Good night sister mi.


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It’s still sounds like a bad joke

Tribute BY Mudiaga Ogagifo

So one afternoon, you came to Honey and Donald’s, I had come in from Birmingham a day earlier,in your words ” Mudi, go put yam for fire for me”, I did and returned to sit down and you asked
, you put sugar? Not long afterwards, we found love when we realised our common weakness was coca cola.
We already talked months back about sharing more when I visit England soon.My family knew you were my adopted mum, your love,care and sincere interest in my dealings made me see Honey as my sister who I never had.
I saw Donald cry, I still don’t know how I can speak with Honey with my heavy heart neither do I know the words to say to her if she breaks down, who then gets to console who?
I have found a safe space in my heart where I have documented this whole experience/incident as a joke gone bad.
I never got to tell you I love you, thanks for everything, continue to stay in the Lords bossom and watch us make you proud here.

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Rest on and Sleep well

Tribute BY Mujidat Ladipo

May your sweet soul Rest In Perfect Peace in the bosom of your maker. May God grant the children, your sister (my friend), the rest of the family and your loved ones the fortitude to bear this huge loss in Jesus name Amen 🙏🏾

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A mother to all

Tribute BY Olamide Owoeye

U are a mother to all. U stood by us during and after my fathers demise. U loved him and take to his advice. U transferd dis love to us d kids.tot us sooo much while we were young. I remember d last time i saw u wen u came to nigeria. U asked me to fry ur egg i added much oil, Ur response was lamide have u forgotn so soon how i tot u to mk eggs. I can go on and on. I loved u soo much and always looking forward to see u anytime. Ur love for coke was something else. I was hopin to see u someday and catch up old times with u…. But death took u and didnt make dis dream a reality. Ur legacy leaves on ma. U are fondly rememberd by Uncle dipo Owoeye’family. Just as u call him. RIP

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Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh Anti !!!

Tribute BY FUNMI O-C

Aaaaahhhhh Aunti,

O ma she ooooo, how could you have gone with no warning whatsoever!!!

To be honest, I’m not sure whether it’s the shock, pain, something else or a cocktail of emotions, but I know I’ve not been ok, since I heard about your passing ….
That said, you came and like a shining star, you completed your race, albeit, too soon, with flying colours, for that, I’m so very grateful to God for you and to you, for your love, for genuinely caring, touching and adding value to many lives…

I pray that our Sovereign and Most Supreme Father, envelop your children, siblings, the entire family, indeed all your loved ones, with HIS loving embrace, comfort, strengthen, grant fortitude to carry on, in Jesus’ name, amen….

Auntie (aka “omo iya mi”), for all you did for me, eeee she ma …..

You will be solely missed and pray your legacy live on, in Jesus might name, Amen

May God grant you eternal solace, Amen

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Makeup artist friend

Tribute BY Saba Ayyaz

I am trying to upload pictures I took in the store but it’s not allowing me to. If you would like me to send privately or anything then please let me know

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Makeup artist friend

Tribute BY Saba Ayyaz

My heart feels so heavy rite now as I just remember how your mother was such a beautiful soul inside and out. I work for MAC in westfields and I remember aunty tola came in the store wearing the most stunning navy blue dress.

I was busy serving someone else but remember seeing her walk past and I just had to compliment how beautiful she looked in the dress. She went to the till area and was there for a while. I was busy finishing off a ladys face and noticed she seemed pretty sad and was walking towards the store to leave. I had to stop her and ask if she was ok. She told me she had got her dates wrong and had booked a makeup appointment for her birthday but somehow had been booked on the wrong date. So MAC are unable to do her makeup today.

There was no way I was going to let her leave that place in that beautiful dress upset. I made her sit down and asked her to wait. You could see she was telling me dont worry darling it’s ok. But I was persistent. I spoke to the manager and volunteered to do her makeup in an hour. Your mum was so happy and even emotional.

I remember I even put some fake lashes on and really built the excitement up for her party. She was so happy and all the girls were complimenting her and loved the final look. We exchanged numbers and I reassured her if ever wanted makeup done from here please contact me and let me know I’m make sure its booked correctly.

I was so happy when your mum sent me photos of the party. Each photo was so blessed and she looked amazing and so happy. There were soooooo many photos she sent looool think the whole album but was so happy to see each photo.

Such a beautiful soul inside and out. I will most definatly pray during this ramadhan for your mum that God blesses her with the highest rank in the heavens and will definatly spread the word about the charity fund ameen

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I bless God for your life


You are one in a million
Mummy Junior.

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Mother of all

Tribute BY Elegushi

It’s feel so unreal but God knows it all. She was a mother to all. She was caring,always checking up on me,she supported my business here in Nigeria. Also giving me advice and sharing her own experience of life with me. I miss and love her but God love her the most. Continue to Rest In Peace mummy

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Rest on mummy

Tribute BY Jumoke Raji

I was having breakfast when my sister called to inform me of your passing to glory,tears gushed out from my eyes i couldnt believe what i just heard. OH death you sting badly!!
You were a mother to me, you raised me up at my crucial age, i was 8yrs old when i lost my mother, you took me in as your own and not for once was there any discrimination btw me and my cousins. You always tell me “if you are sound academically and you not good in other aspect that is not good enough, jumoke you have to be sound in all aspects” your words mould me in all aspects of my life. For a while we were not in talking terms, you reached my best friend to report me and talk to me,you are such a beautiful and intelligent soul, you trained me up in the best way you can and am so grateful for all you did. I will definately miss you mummy, your constant teasing of how me and oyin eat your maggi when we were young, you were a no nonsense woman, i remember your favourite drink was coke “a very chilled one”.thank you for your prayers, thank you for your support.
I’m at peace because i know you are in heaven, you served and worshiped God with all your heart and resources. I love you mummy

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A lovely and caring mother with a Golden voice

Tribute BY Abodunrin Mayowa Victor

What a wonderful mother, your glorious exit was shocking, this is so sudden and sad that we will not able to see you anymore till will meet again in heaven, the last time i spoke with you on phone still sounds fresh, an angelic being in human nature, rest on mummy your extended family will miss you. Mayowa David (Brother mi Bodunrin’s son)

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Dark Night

Tribute BY Toluwayori Taiwo

Auntie tola, it is hard to believe that the angels have packed you home at a time we least expected. We hardly take in the fact that your sudden demise has unexpectedly terminated the moments we enjoyed with you! You left a hollow no one can ever fill halfway.
Mummy junior,as we always referred you; you are a beautiful flower plucked from the flower bed to be a sweet-smelling savor in the presence of your maker. But it is hard to come into terms with the fact that we will never hear from you again. Sweet memories fill me anytime I remember the advice you found pleasure in sharing with us and will forever be cherished. We found consolation in you whenever we got downhearted. Your benevolent smile lifted our hearts anytime you were near us. It’s gone now! Never to comes back, oh. How sad I feel until now! You had a healing voice, which was ever heard in your favorite song, “Keep on the sunny side of life.” The glow in your eyes always sent encouragement to far and wide. Everyone admired your wisdom in solving complex issues any time we sought your input. You were a role model, and now we can proudly say that you left footprints in the sands of time. Auntie, you were calm even when a situation seemed unbearable. Admittedly, we have lost a precious jewel; if death were stoppable, we would have kept it from coming your way.

Auntie tola, you always worked hard, and I believe it is the reason why you were able to raise our cousins as a single mother. Anytime we came visiting your place; we could see you wake early in the morning and report to work to ensure there were food and upkeep for your family at all times.

Auntie, we looked forward to moments when mom would tell us that we were to visit you because we were sure of a delicious meal. The innumerable times sneaked from home to your house to come and say hi are some of the nostalgic moments we cherish. The adventures and hiking we always had whenever we visited your place linger in our minds. Best of all is the instance where we had to pull you up the mountain by the hand to help you get to the peak.

Fare thee well auntie T. You fought a good fight and won the race. You left a legacy that will be read through the generations, current and to come. You left a mark in our hearts, and nothing will ever erase. It is indelible in our hearts.

You were a gem and will remain to be cherished.

Surely auntie, our love for you will forever remain.

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Her life left an indelible mark

Tribute BY Joalin Kufeni

Tola was a larger than life personality that impacted everyone she came into contact with in such a positive way. A bright light in the most gloomy of circumstances. Her cheeky smiles and warm hugs will stay with me forever.
She was always willing to give a hand, to correct a mistake and was such an amazing teacher. She would lend an ear, and be a compass to point you in the right direction. Some of the best advice l’ve ever had was from her.
She would hold your hand when you needed support, and always offered a shoulder too. You had no choice but to be drawn to her warmth and selfless love. She went above and beyond…
She was loved by families, adored by the children she looked after and admired by colleagues.
I am shocked and saddened to hear of her passing. She truly will be missed.
Her life left an indelible mark on all our lives.

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Beautiful Soul

Tribute BY Catherine

I met mommy through my dad. Estranged from my father but you located me to ensure my dad reunites with his children. For you I now have relationship with my father
Mommy you’re amazing💕 I knew something was wrong when you did not return my calls and messages, I felt it so deep….You were very supportive of my marriage knowing my past struggles. You encouraged me to take on my Husband’s name(which I’m working towards) I promise. I believe heaven gained an Angel and that you will continue to protect and shield your children. I will miss you and your constant comments on my WhatsApp pictures…. You will remain in my heart forever, beautiful soul💕

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Aunty Tola

Tribute BY Adepeju Odetunde

Aunty Tola,
When I heard of this sad news I cried and unfortunately we can’t question God.
Aunty Tola, you called me iya oko mi. You sent me gifts on Christmas and birthdays to my home address.
Hummm working with you at the Portland hospital years ago. You are always eager to impact on younger ones. This I appreciate and I’m sure my colleagues will appreciate too.
My prayers for the children, grandchildren, son in law and daughter in law. All adopted children, grandchildren- God will comfort us all.
Please accept my condolences.


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Incredible human being

Tribute BY Alex Hashash

I feel lucky to of known Tola, this has brought me such shock but a blessing to of known Tola. I used to work at Cromwell and was her booking consultant. over the last 10 years we always spoke and kept in contact. She was such a nice, warm, loving and caring person, we would always have long conversations over the phone about life and her family.

I hope you all have a long and healthy life and it’s a privilege to of known Tola

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Words can not begin to express….

Tribute BY Bunmi Adeleye-Osagie

I’m completely lost for words….She was our neighbour and gradually she took me as family, any time I would pop in she always made me feel welcome, she would advise me, she would encourage me and in this day and age it is rare to find someone as kind hearted and as approachable as her….she loved with all her heart and that is evident in the way she raised her amazingly wonderful children….a joy to the community at large, her smile, her laughter…the way she would tease me…Lord she will be dearly missed…I feel highly privileged and honoured to have been counted in the number of people that she touched with kindness and love ….Auntie-Mummie…..sleep well xxx

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Big shock

Tribute BY Bola Oladokun

It was a big shock to me the day I heard of your death, I became weak and unable to concentrate throughout the day. You usually call me Iya Yadi, knowing that I am a Pastor’s wife. You were such a wonderful woman, always smiling. I pray that God will continue to comfort and be the pillar that will hold your children together in Jesus name. They will always feel The Lord’s presence in the name of The Lord

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Forever in our hearts…

Tribute BY Adedayo Maxwell-Cole

Having to word-process on this occasion profoundly breaks my heart. My Auntie, as I fondly called you whenever we chat over the phone or write to you, you were a rare gem! Where do I actually start? Dear God! Where are you? This pain is so unbearable. I will never have enough of words to describe how angelic you were Auntie or the extent to which you touched the hearts of those who knew you. Whether they met you in person or not, it was that strong connection of love, kind-heartedness, generosity and wisdom. I certainly know I will never have enough space here to express my appreciation of the life you lived as well as what you meant to me. However, we cannot question God who ordained your steps and connected us through Yemi(Moji).

As some already mentioned, they never met you in person but had spoken to you numerous times. Here I am…! I am of those falling into that category and this special moment took me back to that eventful day some years ago when I received that phone call from someone who identified as my very big sister from another Mum, showing sincere appreciation for whatever it was towards Moji (Yemi another of her adorable ones. That day while I was having a stroll on 5th Avenue, New York, I hesitated at first for a second. I could not recognise the number but I could tell it was a call from England. I would not normally pick a call on a number I do not recognise but I had a strong instinct to answer the call. Then your voice came on… The lilting voice that greeted me was angelic. I felt the connection right away. You introduced yourself and I screamed, not only because I have heard so much about you but most especially because I was humbled you called and you had seen me as worthy. You equally told me you have heard such good things about me and you could not wait to meet me. So I promised to see you as soon as I get back when I realised my best friend lives not far from your neighbourhoid. You were so respectful to a point I felt practically uncomfortable but you were indeed genuine. We talked over the phone that day endlessly and it was a memorable one. Instantly, I declared myself your little brother instructing you to deal with me accordingly as if I was your blood. Then I warmed up to you as I would to my dearest sister I ever lost 30 years ago. From that moment on, you found time to check on me to see how I am ever coping especially when you gathered I had gone through a catastrophe regarding losing my sight. All you had was compassion and words of encouragement. You reminded me of the reasons I must be thankful to God. You always told me you were in awe of what I had accomplished so far. You always told me not to run myself down and be grateful for all. Auntie Tola, if I should write a book and the story of my life so far, it is never going to be complete without the mention of your name.

A couple of days before you went into hospital, you called me. You could not get through but left me a voice note on WhatsApp. I called you right back once I gathered you had called. Then we chatted on lost times endlessly. You had expressed how you could not wait to see me once this lockdown subsides. I joked a lot but I was very ecstatic we were chatting. You told me you had been self-isolating just like me and anyone else. Towards the end of our chat, your voice seemed to me a wee bit off the spectrum. I questioned on what that could be but you assured me you felt you were coming down with the flu. You and I know exactly what we talked about on phone folowing my question. You sounded full of life. You had also told me we shared the same birth month and your daughter will be getting married soon. You said…Dayo, you are not getting out of this one and don’t give me any professorial reason for not being a part. I promised and gave you my word on what transpired not to be the events I will meet you. I called you the following day but could not get through. I left you a voice note and you wrote summarily – the sound of a woman with such a grateful heart. Then the following day, I received a call you had been taken ill in hospital. Shocked I was. Confused! I called Yemi: What’s going on? Yemi stated you had been on a video call a bit that day and you had passed the message that I send you messages and you will eventually get round to responding. Never would I think I am never going to hear from you again.

Auntie Tola – you had a big impact in my life. Thank you! You were a role model. You cared and supported those in need. You had that golden heart and the way you lived confirmed you were an angel passing by but went on to be with the heavenly angels who gained another very good one to be with. Auntie Tola, to state I will miss you is an understatement. For as long as I live, you will forever be in my heart. Thank you for blessing the world with 4 golden ones. Continue to rest with the angels. Until we meet again, it’s another time, another place…

I love and miss you! Xx

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What a shock……… an angel is taken from amongst us.

Tribute BY Pastor Funso Ajiboye

What a shock to hear about your demise. While she was alive, she was the matron of the Ark of God Bible Church – Youth wing. She feeds and clothes the youth every year and also ensure their happiness.

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I have a beautiful Angel up in Heaven

Tribute BY Adeteju Ogedengbe

“It breaks my heart 💔 to lose you! Where should I start from ,you call me Iyadudu ,you always drop and pick us up from my primary school, you bought us jelato, gave us crunchy plantain chips.
You left Nigeria before I went to the University .Immediately I got to Uk I contacted you and since then, you continue your duty as my Big Mummy, Aunty and my gist partner.
Mummy junior I can not love you less because you stood by me during the hard times in my marriage, you loved all my friends and ready to tell us off if anyone of us misbehave. I will never forget this adage from you. “Gbogbo ibi tí è ba fi se rin de ni London ni éma wa moto de bèè.
“Everywhere you travelled by feet in London, you will surely drive your car to the places by God grace”.
““The person who says the truth is yet to find solution, how then can a liar 🤥 “
You have left a lot of Legacies behind.
I will miss you 😘 so much Aunty Tola, “Mummy Junior”,Bibire and Mojere will definitely not forget you ma.

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Thank you for sharing your light mummy…

Tribute BY Bukky

Oh Mummy,

My first ever call to you, you immediately started talking with me like you knew me so well. You said “Bukky i like how you speak” and that was the beginning of my calling you adopted mummy and your calling me adopted daughter. I have beaten myself up so much for missing your call the last time you tried to call even though I called back and couldn’t reach you.

I know you were excited about planned events for this year and I was ready to make you ogi this June like you had mentioned last month. Everyone in the house knew about you from all our random conversations and me always laughing.

I will miss your comments on my whatsapp posts; your calling me “Awoof Master” for all the beautiful dresses you sent to me (I promise to really show off with the one you wanted to see me wear) and “ffo” whenever I post my love for food. I keep replaying all the vn I have from you and going through our chats. It’s difficult to believe you won’t tell me “omajegba bukky” again.

You are truly a rare gem mummy. I am forever grateful for the privilege of knowing you for the short time I did. Thank you for sharing your light with me.

Sleep well.

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My dearest Aunty Tola

Tribute BY Jay Oppong

Tribute to my darling Aunty Tola, Colleague, Friend and mommy Tola.I cannot say and I will not say You are dead, Aunty Tola to me has gone to Heaven .With a cheery smile and a wave of hand. Aunty Tola has wandered into beautiful Heaven. Aunty Tola was a special special Aunty, she loved me and my daughter as her own, she was so so kind to us, Zelda’s birthday presents was never missed neither was it ever late.
You will forever remain in my heart my beautiful Aunty Tola. It was only in Sept 2019 did we celebrate your birthday, you looked so beautiful and we had a great time that evening together and i am glad i was part of this happy day celebrating you. I miss all your whatapp status daily updates and you always celebrating everyone round you.
Aunty Tola you were an extremely hardworking Nurse, compassionate and caring to all the children and Families you cared for. it was always a joy to work with Aunty Tola on the Paediatric wards. Thank you for being an amazing colleague as well.
I am so glad and feel very privilege of knowing you, you took and treated me like your own daughter.
A week to your passing to Glory and on your sick bed in hospital we continued to chat on whatapp and your words were “i am poorly but Grateful to God and you kept thanking and praising God and so am sure you have gone to be with the Good Lord. You loved God with all your heart and praised his name always.
Adieu my special Mommy, Aunty and Special grandma to my daughter. You will be greatly missed. I love you Aunty Tola and i will miss your advice, love and your kindness which was out of this world! however l believe we will meet again at our Lord’s feet. REST IN PERFECT PEACE Aunty Tola🌹
Love always Jay. xxx

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Beautiful soul

Tribute BY Nike

I worked with aunty some years ago at Portland Hospital, she was a joy to be around with especially her smile. She would always check up on me even after I left to work in another hospital. She was my mum at work even though we were not blood related. I pray God comfort her family and relatives.
May her beautiful soul rest in perfect peace. 🕊🕊🕊

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An angel in disguise

Tribute BY Oladayo Olukanni

Aunty tola, you left such a hole in our hearts. You were an angel. Always smiling and thoughtful in your ways. Rest peacefully ma. You will forever be remembered.

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Sis Tola mí(ènìyàn ölörun), you’re a rare gem, Heaven truly gained an angel.

Tribute BY Bimpe

Sis Tola mí(ènìyàn ölörun), you’re a rare gem and your sudden departure from this world is hard to come to terms with. I will forever treasure your guidance, advice and all “our WhatsApp chats and banter”.. That’s surely a keepsake!
I love you so much Aunty T💕.
Words still fail me….
Heaven truly gained an angel 🕊 🕊 🕊 🕊 🕊 🕊 🕊

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Deeply Saddened

Tribute BY Jamila

I am deeply saddened at the sudden loss of a Colleague who was loved by all who knew her. Tola was very caring and passionate at the care she provided. She was very quick to provide support and compassion. She was very proud of what she achieved through her hard work for her Family. Tola will be greatly missed by both the Nursing world as well as her Friends. I still find it hard to believe that you are no longer with us. May you rest in Peace Dear Friend.

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An exceptional woman with big heart

Tribute BY Stella okechi-nworjih

Mummy, how do I start, you are one of the kindest persons I have met in my life. As a pastor’s wife you appreciated me, you were always refilling my kitchen with food, you helped my family and I with accommodation without taking any money. You supported the church without thinking twice. You never stopped giving, helping and always staying positive. I will miss your postings on WhatsApp status but I know God will give you rest. Thank you for all you did. Rest in peace😘

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Thank you

Tribute BY Pastor Franklin FMCC London

Sister mi, thank you for everything. The memories will stay with me forever. I will do my best to celebrate you. Thank you.

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Eyitolami Olaolorun was an epitome of love, kind and lived to help others. Tola to me, you have solution to every problems. Thank you for sharing your love with me.

Tribute BY Bukky Sobowale

Mrs Tola Olaolorun was a sweet sister from another womb, you were epitome of love, you were always ready to help a fellow human, where ever you can. The love you showered on me in the last three years was indescribable. I had hoped I would had opportunity to pay you back in my little way in the forthcoming wedding, but alas! Man proposes, God disposes. The news of your death was a rude shock. It was like a bad dream and I still hope someone will say it’s April Fool. Sleep well Sis, until we meet to part no more.

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My all…

Tribute BY Tolumilade

I remember your wedding day, I was part of the train and I was not coordinated, but instead of letting me embarrass myself, you were still trying to readjust me and you have been till the end. You never let me down even when I wronged you, you were still there for me. From Ibadan to London you always welcome me and made me your priority. You fought for me, you realign me and you always look our for the best in me. Who will fight for me now. Who will abuse me. “Olori-gbeske” that was your main side talk to me. Even when you were not feeling too ok I still feel your love and advise ringing in my ears. My mother my sister my all.. I will miss you and no one could ever take your place. Till we see in paradise…we all love you and I LOVE YOU MORE.

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I work with you mother in Portland hospital May her soul rest in peace

Tribute BY Jadesola ugbo

Tola you may your rest in perfect peace
This is such a shock to me you work so hard

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A wonderful, prayerful, supportive and ever giving sister. We missed you dearly.

Tribute BY Bola Ladejobi

“Aunty Tola” you were such an angel and you touched everyone connected to you in positive ways. The good memories u created will never be forgotten. You are dearly missed.😭😭.
“You are now peacefully sleeping in a world of purest light, where angels sing their sweet songs and where everything shines bright beside the tranquil waters.
You walk along each day where the blossoms are so beautiful with the colours they display.
You are so dearly thought of and every precious memory has left a rainbow that will last forever”
Continue to rest in De blossom of our Lord Jesus Christ 🙏🙏

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Full of Life

Tribute BY Ayotunde Adeyanju

She was full of life and nothing ever bothered her. She had a big heart and beautiful smile that brightens your day.

Our last conversation was the planning of her 60th party once the pandemic was over.

Sun re o …..I will surely miss our voice note conversations.

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To A Dearly Beloved

Tribute BY Abisola Oduyale

Sis Eyitolami was like a sister from another mother. You took me in with all your whole heart. We met through her younger sister whilst i was in secondary school over 40 years ago and she was a big sister and even till her passing, never failed in that regard.
She was always caring, extremely sacrificial and will go to the ends of the earth for her loved one.
My last trip to england, she went all out to make me feel hospitable. A true loyalist and support system. I will miss her laughter and scolding. Who will tell me “Bisola, o ma jegba o”

A light hearted soul. This was and is still very painful to believe she’s gone. I love you so much Sister Eyitolami. I will miss you dearly. Thank you for everything. I am deeply saddened at your demise. Rest well Sis . Forever in our hearts

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A rare gem

Tribute BY Opeyemi Osonuga

I got the opportunity of meeting Aunty Tola physically twice after talking to her numerous times on the phone through my Aunt. Aunty Tola was by far one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, gosh her heart was pure gold.

Thank you for been the real definition of love Aunty Tola; I don’t know how you did it all, your ability to connect with everyone was such a gift. You were a rare gem Aunty.

I’ll definitely miss you callling me ‘Dr Ups’. Rest In Peace Aunty Tola. You liveddd❤️.

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I lost a GEM

Tribute BY Sanni Adegoke

We spoke and laughed in March, you me told your plans for the wedding in June and my role. We cracked jokes and you even told me you were coming home to give me a knock on my head later in tge year, then this. You’ve been on my mind for a week, to call, but I delayed. Only to call you 3 days ago and 2 days ago. Your phone rang no reply. Got the news last night. Tears flow from my eyes aunty mi, just can’t stop flowing. Rest on Aunty mi.

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You will be missed

Tribute BY Bisi Shoroye

What a shocking news to hear of your early unexpected demise, hard to take in, great loss but beautiful soul in and out. You were a genuine and sincere character, looking at your children, I saw in you a strong hardworking woman like the woman in Proverbs 31. Though your early departure surely is painful, sincerely speaking you have achieved more than what an ordinary woman would achieve because you were not ordinary. I believe you are now at His bosom, at rest enjoying the beauty and the glory of the King of Kings. I am proud of you and your achievements, once again you will be missed
God will surely bless and keep your loved ones, they shall be great and do exploits ijn.

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To A Dearly Beloved.

Tribute BY Abisola Oduyale

Sis Eyitolami was like a sister from another mother. You took me in with all your whole heart. We met in secondary school over 40 years ago and she was a big sister and even till her passing, never failed in that regard.
She was always caring, extremely sacrificial and will go to the ends of the earth for her loved one.
My last trip to england, she went all out to make me feel hospitable. A true loyalist and support system. I will miss her laughter and scolding. Who will tell me “Bisola, o ma jegba o”

A light hearted soul. This was and is still very painful to believe she’s gone. I love you so much Sister Eyitolami. I will miss you dearly. Thank you for everything. I am deeply saddened at your demise. Rest well Sis . Forever in our hearts

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My adopted Mother

Tribute BY Ojeniyi Yetunde Oore-ofe

Hmmmmmmmm…still in shock cos I can’t believe I can be writing tribute about you My adopted mum..You never knew got to know me from my sister..Yemi when I was terribly took it upon yourself and opened a go fund me for me.. infact you were the one who encouraged me to go for the surgery when I was scared.. Mummy encouraged me so many times.. when I thought I would end it all..who will now be encouraging me now..chai..your sweet words still lingering in my brain..I hate that we never met till you took a sad.. continue to rest in the bossom of God.. I will always love you.Yetunde from Nigeria..

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Eyitolami Sogbesan OlaOluwa

Tribute BY Titi Olufade

Eyitolami Sogbesan I had known since 1982. We lived together in a BQ in Bodija Ibadan. She was more matured than her years. Treated me like her baby!! I still chatted with her during this Lockdown enquiring about her wellbeing and she assured me all is well. Vivacious, beautiful, strong, caring, loving and full of life. Most importantly she loved and served God even way back 1982! Love you Tola!

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I have lost a mum

Tribute BY Marie Mandungu

Aunty Tola

Where do I start our paths crossed many years ago and you took me under your wings as your child . You had a specific way of pronouncing my name and I knew it was you I would hear your coming on your night shift I knee it was you .
You would defend me like a mum does ,you would tell me off but yet you never judged me .You would always say I am your daughter . I gave birth to your granddaughters you were the first to visit coming from a night shift and you called them Taiwo and Kehinde .Not to mention you stood by us during the whole pregnancy.

When we were preparing our white wedding you were the first contribute . Aunty Tola you were such a testimony and your legacy shall continue . I have questioned God but i could hear say who am I to question God .

We love and miss you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Even though I haven’t met her I could sense she’s a true mother

Tribute BY Akinbami Ebenezer Benny

I met the Iloba’s in a special way and ever since they’ve been fam…. Judging from sis Honey’s love and care I could gladly say she was brought up by a virteous mother same way the first time I met @kingola2nd… I’ve hoped and dreamt that one day I’m going to meet this beautiful mother that has raised kings and queens… It saddens my heart and I felt broken when I read about the sudden demise… I pray her gentle soul will rest in perfect peace… though we all love her but God loves her more

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Tribute BY femi omowo

Mummy, is great sadness, I am reading this. You message me only last month. This is sad and heart breaking. words cannot express the way I feel. This is not fair God why

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My fine girl is no more 💔

Tribute BY Honey Iloba

A week ago today, my heart was shattered into painful pieces. I lost my mum, my friend, my fine girl. She didn’t look a day over 35. President of the Pepperthemgang.

You had to know my mother to understand why she was special. Losing you has left my heart breaking each time I ponder on all the dreams you were still to accomplish. All the memories you left us with and all the moments of happiness that was to come.

At the start of the year I posted… “I pray 2020, is kind to my mother…” 2020 took her away from us without a warning. We thought we had time, we were sure we did, now we are left with the broken pieces of our heart.

I’m grateful for the time we had. I’m grateful for our friendship. You are an awesome grandma, Elijah’s first best friend, I’m grateful you met Ezra, after walking hand in hand with me through my miscarriage and the loss of my peanut. You have always been my guardian Angel. Eyitolami, Onikepo, Henrietta Olaolorun. Omo Sogbesan. You did not deserve to die, you deserved more than life allowed you. You may not be with us physically, but you live on in me, my children and my siblings. We will never forget you. My fine girl is gone💔

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I miss you

Tribute BY Oladimeji Olaolorun

She is the reason why I’m here
She is the most influencial person in my life
She is the person who I get my work ethic from
She is the person I argue with the most
She is the person who I care about the most

My siblings and I are grateful for your dedication and your support to us over the years, raising four children by yourself wasnt easy but you did an amazing job and we appreciate it.

We promise to not let your legacy end with us because we know you were taken from us right at the start of your next chapter where you would have been helping others and start to live for yourself. We promise to keep your legacy going, we miss you and we love you always.

Rest in peace mummy🕊️🕊️🕊️

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