Tribute BY Bukky

Oh Mummy,

My first ever call to you, you immediately started talking with me like you knew me so well. You said “Bukky i like how you speak” and that was the beginning of my calling you adopted mummy and your calling me adopted daughter. I have beaten myself up so much for missing your call the last time you tried to call even though I called back and couldn’t reach you.

I know you were excited about planned events for this year and I was ready to make you ogi this June like you had mentioned last month. Everyone in the house knew about you from all our random conversations and me always laughing.

I will miss your comments on my whatsapp posts; your calling me “Awoof Master” for all the beautiful dresses you sent to me (I promise to really show off with the one you wanted to see me wear) and “ffo” whenever I post my love for food. I keep replaying all the vn I have from you and going through our chats. It’s difficult to believe you won’t tell me “omajegba bukky” again.

You are truly a rare gem mummy. I am forever grateful for the privilege of knowing you for the short time I did. Thank you for sharing your light with me.

Sleep well.