Tribute BY Moyosoreoluwa Odukoya

The first time my sister and I interacted with Aunty Tola… Well the first time I can vividly remember was April 2016 although she visited us in 2008 when she came to Nigeria.

We went to stay at her place in London with my parents and she gave up her room and her bed for my sister and I to sleep in. That same night, even though we hadn’t interacted for more than five minutes, she called out my name to fetch her something from the fridge. And just like that the ‘formalities’ were over, we were her children and like every true African parent, she sent us on errands throughout our stay. Haha!!

Aunty Tola was constantly giving and nothing was out of bounds or too expensive, especially if you were her family. She had been sending my sisters and I really nice things for as long as I can remember … all four of us.

I was sad to hear of your passing, you always seemed so full of life and never in a million years would I ever think that I would be writing a tribute for you.

I remember when you found out that I started a business and how you supported it fiercely with everything that you had – your time, your finances, and your advice. I remember how you sent me a brand new mixer from London to aid in my business.

She held nothing back in her love and her arms were always wide open. We believe Jesus received her the same way, with arms wide open.

We’ve been told by our mom and cousin, Dami, that Tobi looks a lot like you when you were younger… 😊

Rest in peace aunty, you will remain forever in our hearts.

Your nieces,
Moyosoreoluwa Odukoya
Oluwatobiloba Odukoya