Tribute BY FUNMI O-C

Aaaaahhhhh Aunti,

O ma she ooooo, how could you have gone with no warning whatsoever!!!

To be honest, I’m not sure whether it’s the shock, pain, something else or a cocktail of emotions, but I know I’ve not been ok, since I heard about your passing ….
That said, you came and like a shining star, you completed your race, albeit, too soon, with flying colours, for that, I’m so very grateful to God for you and to you, for your love, for genuinely caring, touching and adding value to many lives…

I pray that our Sovereign and Most Supreme Father, envelop your children, siblings, the entire family, indeed all your loved ones, with HIS loving embrace, comfort, strengthen, grant fortitude to carry on, in Jesus’ name, amen….

Auntie (aka “omo iya mi”), for all you did for me, eeee she ma …..

You will be solely missed and pray your legacy live on, in Jesus might name, Amen

May God grant you eternal solace, Amen