Tribute BY Jumoke Raji

I was having breakfast when my sister called to inform me of your passing to glory,tears gushed out from my eyes i couldnt believe what i just heard. OH death you sting badly!!
You were a mother to me, you raised me up at my crucial age, i was 8yrs old when i lost my mother, you took me in as your own and not for once was there any discrimination btw me and my cousins. You always tell me “if you are sound academically and you not good in other aspect that is not good enough, jumoke you have to be sound in all aspects” your words mould me in all aspects of my life. For a while we were not in talking terms, you reached my best friend to report me and talk to me,you are such a beautiful and intelligent soul, you trained me up in the best way you can and am so grateful for all you did. I will definately miss you mummy, your constant teasing of how me and oyin eat your maggi when we were young, you were a no nonsense woman, i remember your favourite drink was coke “a very chilled one”.thank you for your prayers, thank you for your support.
I’m at peace because i know you are in heaven, you served and worshiped God with all your heart and resources. I love you mummy