Tribute BY Mudiaga Ogagifo

So one afternoon, you came to Honey and Donald’s, I had come in from Birmingham a day earlier,in your words ” Mudi, go put yam for fire for me”, I did and returned to sit down and you asked
, you put sugar? Not long afterwards, we found love when we realised our common weakness was coca cola.
We already talked months back about sharing more when I visit England soon.My family knew you were my adopted mum, your love,care and sincere interest in my dealings made me see Honey as my sister who I never had.
I saw Donald cry, I still don’t know how I can speak with Honey with my heavy heart neither do I know the words to say to her if she breaks down, who then gets to console who?
I have found a safe space in my heart where I have documented this whole experience/incident as a joke gone bad.
I never got to tell you I love you, thanks for everything, continue to stay in the Lords bossom and watch us make you proud here.