Tribute BY Eyitope Odukoya

I can’t believe I’m supposed to write a tribute at your death and not on your 60th.

I choose to celebrate you sister mi, Eyitolami.

I celebrate your doggedness, your resolve, your strength, your generosity, your drive, passion and push.

Very resourceful, very family oriented, always striving to connect people. A true Egba woman, you were an activist, never overlooking a supposed injustice or unfairness. You were bold, fearless, always ready to confront any issue headlong.

You were always now! now!! now!!!, as if you knew… See, it paid off…you gave all your children qualitative education and attention and they are all securely settled in their different profession. You did it sister mi; God helped you!

Akinkanju obirin(Amazon), abiyamo tooto (worthy mother), you can rest easy now.

Good night sister mi.