Tribute BY Harley Street Nurses

We had our very own UN Secretary General in our midst – Mama Tola, you are truly special and we’re already missing that great commanding voice of yours.

You laughed when we gave you the UN Secretary General title, as you knew it was very apt – you did indeed uphold the values of Harley Street Nurses, even at the risk of challenging us in the office and members of the team. For that we thank you!

You held conferences, oversaw disagreements, managed your own delegation at the hospitals and even in our office. I remember you telling us, that before each shift, you would go and say hello to all the other HSN members. You were truly the Mama of our extended family.

Mama Tola, as you were also so fondly known by us, you will be solely missed for every inch of your personality and grace.

The memories you’ve left will continuously bring smiles to our faces.

We have been blessed to have known a special one! You usually ended a call by saying, “I love youuuuu” … Ditto back at you. We love youuuuu more Tola!

Always and forever
Joyce, Tina, Benedicta, Delia, Eleanor, Noora and Chistine x