Tribute BY Saba Ayyaz

My heart feels so heavy rite now as I just remember how your mother was such a beautiful soul inside and out. I work for MAC in westfields and I remember aunty tola came in the store wearing the most stunning navy blue dress.

I was busy serving someone else but remember seeing her walk past and I just had to compliment how beautiful she looked in the dress. She went to the till area and was there for a while. I was busy finishing off a ladys face and noticed she seemed pretty sad and was walking towards the store to leave. I had to stop her and ask if she was ok. She told me she had got her dates wrong and had booked a makeup appointment for her birthday but somehow had been booked on the wrong date. So MAC are unable to do her makeup today.

There was no way I was going to let her leave that place in that beautiful dress upset. I made her sit down and asked her to wait. You could see she was telling me dont worry darling it’s ok. But I was persistent. I spoke to the manager and volunteered to do her makeup in an hour. Your mum was so happy and even emotional.

I remember I even put some fake lashes on and really built the excitement up for her party. She was so happy and all the girls were complimenting her and loved the final look. We exchanged numbers and I reassured her if ever wanted makeup done from here please contact me and let me know I’m make sure its booked correctly.

I was so happy when your mum sent me photos of the party. Each photo was so blessed and she looked amazing and so happy. There were soooooo many photos she sent looool think the whole album but was so happy to see each photo.

Such a beautiful soul inside and out. I will most definatly pray during this ramadhan for your mum that God blesses her with the highest rank in the heavens and will definatly spread the word about the charity fund ameen