Tribute BY Marie Mandungu

Aunty Tola

Where do I start our paths crossed many years ago and you took me under your wings as your child . You had a specific way of pronouncing my name and I knew it was you I would hear your coming on your night shift I knee it was you .
You would defend me like a mum does ,you would tell me off but yet you never judged me .You would always say I am your daughter . I gave birth to your granddaughters you were the first to visit coming from a night shift and you called them Taiwo and Kehinde .Not to mention you stood by us during the whole pregnancy.

When we were preparing our white wedding you were the first contribute . Aunty Tola you were such a testimony and your legacy shall continue . I have questioned God but i could hear say who am I to question God .

We love and miss you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️