Tribute BY Adeteju Ogedengbe

“It breaks my heart 💔 to lose you! Where should I start from ,you call me Iyadudu ,you always drop and pick us up from my primary school, you bought us jelato, gave us crunchy plantain chips.
You left Nigeria before I went to the University .Immediately I got to Uk I contacted you and since then, you continue your duty as my Big Mummy, Aunty and my gist partner.
Mummy junior I can not love you less because you stood by me during the hard times in my marriage, you loved all my friends and ready to tell us off if anyone of us misbehave. I will never forget this adage from you. “Gbogbo ibi tí è ba fi se rin de ni London ni éma wa moto de bèè.
“Everywhere you travelled by feet in London, you will surely drive your car to the places by God grace”.
““The person who says the truth is yet to find solution, how then can a liar 🤥 “
You have left a lot of Legacies behind.
I will miss you 😘 so much Aunty Tola, “Mummy Junior”,Bibire and Mojere will definitely not forget you ma.