Tribute BY Victoria Sogbesan

Hi aunty, so my brain and I are having a little game. It keeps me in my bubble of aunt T is somewhere out there living life, and I in turn to carry on functioning normally. It’s going okay, but sometimes reality sets in and I can’t stomach it, so I think I’ll stay here for a bit.
Because you weren’t just some aunty who they’ll say, come and greet your aunty lagbaja o who used to clean your bum bum when you were 1 month old. And although we didn’t have a relationship for most of my childhood, I am glad I really got to know you as my aunt.
You were the aunt I fought most with ( not physically, we don’t do that over here 😂),you were the aunt I gisted the most with, the aunt who took me under her wing and probably the aunt I stressed out the most because you really do care.
Even with all our loggerhead-ing I can honestly say
YOU, aunty was there when no one else was.
YOU aunty, stuck around to see my family through difficult times
YOU aunty, put our matter on your head
YOU aunty were always ready to help despite your feelings.
I know I laughed and teased saying, ” ah you haven’t seen dramatic until you’ve met my aunty Tola”.
But I will miss you, my hardworking, driven, caring, loving, ever so dramatic aunty.
I can’t imagine, walking down the streets of Ealing, walking up into your room and not seeing you there ” ewa gbe cousin yin o”.
Eyitolami Olaolorun, you ARE one of a kind and I thank God for pulling you into his warm embrace.
Rest easy Aunty T❤️