Tribute BY Gift & Maxwell


Of all the many blessings however great and small, to have known you was a privilege. You were beautiful (inside and outside), warm, charming (with your smile) and very loving. Remembering you is so easy mummy, because we could always see your selfless nature in everything that you did, we saw it every time we had the opportunity to speak with you or even see you and of course, we see it in your children.

Very few of the people around us leave significant impacts in our lives, and for us you are one of those. Personally, i will miss our chats in Yoruba, I will miss your prayers and well wishes for me. According to Gods plan, you never saw the children you always prayed with me for, but we promise we will train them up to have these virtues which we saw in you.

It was unbelievable when we got the call that morning that you had passed. I froze for a second as I remembered our last conversation less than 3 weeks earlier. it is still like a dream, but just like everything in life, when the journey ends, we will claim a great reward and find everlasting peace together with the Lord.

Fare thee well mummy. You left a legacy that will be read through generations, current and to come. You have left an indelible mark in our hearts that nothing can/will EVER erase.

And surely our love for you will forever remain.

Gift & Maxwell